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Krav Maga Hybrid

KMH is the evolution of traditional Krav Maga. It is a non-commercial, fair system that can guarantee your safety. Only those who work on the street are trained.

Eskrima / Filipino Martial Arts

A weapon-based combat system from the Philippines where armed techniques can be directly converted to unarmed combat. There are 2 training sessions per week.


Or Pangamot. There are more names. We are talking about the unarmed branch of Eskrima. It cannot be overemphasized, but an important feature of Eskrima is that all armed techniques transition seamlessly to unarmed ones. In fact, you learn 3 combat systems with one effort: knife and stick fighting and unarmed combat.

Hybrid Combat Systems

HCS has been specially developed for security professionals and those who may come into contact with violence and aggression in their professional life.

Reality Check Training

This regularly recurring training aims to test your skills 'for the real thing' in a safe setting. Anyone training a street-related defense system is welcome, including non-members.

Health (Private Training)
Personal Training Health

Building a better condition? Weight loss? Or an increase in weight? Want to become more flexible and flexible?

You had an injury resulting in loss of function and you want to recover?

I help you achieve your goals in a responsible and safe manner under my expert and enthusiastic guidance.

Martial Arts (Private Training)
Personal Training Martial Arts

You want to learn one of our martial arts but you are unable to participate in the group lessons; Personal Fight is then the way to go. Or you want to have a solid introduction to one of the martial arts before participating in the group lessons. Even then it is useful to book a number of private training sessions.

Legal weapon
Pocketstick Training

The Pocketstick, or Kubotan, Yawara, is an effective weapon for self-defense. The great thing… it's legal!

Conditie Training

This fitness training is a workout in which you stand alone or in pairs near a punching bag and train all muscle groups - both strength and endurance - without physical contact with another person. the exercises you perform are simple combinations borrowed from boxing and kickboxing.

You want more?

Various combinations are possible in the range for the demanding athlete. Email for information.