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HIGH INTENSITY Thematic Training


We regularly organize Reality-Check training and workshops. Besides our own members, anyone who practices a street-related self-defense system is welcome. The purpose of the workshop is to provide an opportunity to test the skills acquired during the regular training: in other words... does it work or doesn't it? The workshops are intensive training sessions of approximately 2 hours.

A theme is linked to each Reality-Check training. For example:

Sharp objects on the street. Can you see them in time? How fast are they? Do you have time to respond? Is running away an option? How realistic are the stories of the internet gurus regarding defense, disarmament, counters? Can you disarm when it really counts? And how does that all work in poor lighting conditions?

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Do we really know how dangerous ground combat is on the streets? We will investigate it, of course with more than one opponent.

And with solutions, for example how do you respond if you are knocked down. How do I keep an eye on my surroundings and many more ins and outs about ground combat.

You will also experience the sudden presence of hidden weapons during the confusion of ground combat.

We regularly train with weapons, especially knives and sticks. But can you also use a knife yourself if necessary? Can you even draw a knife? Or use a stick? Or another object that is somewhere up for grabs. And can you do sensible things with it?

Important knowledge because if you can use a weapon yourself, you also understand what someone else can do with it. Makes the (im)possibility of your defense and counter understandable and increases your chances of survival.

We apply dress codes during the high-intensity training. We train in comfortable sportswear, normally. But how does that work outside? For example, with thick winter clothing. Experience the restrictions in movement, the fact that your body cannot lose heat during heavy exertion (spoiler: it doesn't feel so good) and how do you deal with that.

It is better to experience these less pleasant experiences for the first time during a training session than when it really matters.

During regular training, it is of course not the intention to damage your training partner. But what would it be like if you could experience a training where you could punch completely, throw headbutts and kick.

What is it like to undergo that? But also: I counter as hard and efficiently as I think I do. Important to know because ultimately, if there really is no escape, you will have to be able to hit someone hard enough to get away safely.

In other words: do my counters cause the necessary body mechanics in the opponent to end the fight? During this high-intensity training you can experience whether your counter has the strength and intensity to have any effect.

You can also experience whether your hands can withstand so much force. This will be a disappointment for many...

Naturally, this training takes place under strict safety regulations and protective equipment.